Duke Robotics: In The News

Duke Robotics:

In The News

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Meet TIKAD: The Gun-Toting Drone

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Duke Robotics Launches Regulation A+ Investment

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Israeli Military Buying Drones With Guns

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Duke Robotics Launches $15M Reg A+

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Defense Contractor Developed a Drone that can Fire a Sniper Rifle

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Defense Contractor Developed A Stable Drone That Can Fire

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Hobby Drone Becomes A Military Sniper


A Different Drone Startup – These Drones Have Guns

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Octocopter Drones, Now With Added Guns


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Military Veterans Built A Sniper Drone

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Meet TIKAD: A Drone With A Firearm

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The TIKAD Drone Future Soldier

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Drones And Robots Offer Air Support During Street Battles

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New Sniper Drone And How It Stabilizes The Gun


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Drone Armed With Machine Gun


New Warfare Drones Are Small

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Israeli Military Veterans Built A Sniper Drone